Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of Swimming

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Class: 3D

Theme: Sport
Topic  : Swimming

                                                Advantages and disadvantages of Swimming

Swimming has many advantages and disadvantages. First  advantage, is improving the swimming ability of heart and lung. Second ,advantage of swimming is can make body grow higher. Third, swimming can engineer of respiration, so it can make our respiration becomes stronger than before. Fourth, swimming is also good for decrease our body weight, the movements performed during swimming can burn calories in the body. The last advantage is swimming can make our mind and soul is relax. Leisurely movement in swimming can increase the hormone in our brain. The disadvantages is makes the body injury, cramp, and tired because of the energy used is strong enough. The cramp can happen to any swimmer. The cramp is often happen at foot and stomach of swimmer, this is because shortness of warming up before swimming.

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